Friday, July 11, 2008

Mr. Monk Draws A Landscape

The new season of "Monk" starts tonight and they're showing the one where he joins an art class.

The joke being, of course, that he mostly draws perfectly regular, symmetrical shapes. His landscape is a perfectly horizontal line. His clouds are perfect circles. His trees are like asterisks.

What's sick is, I really like it. I can't find a picture online or I'd post it. I'd probably hang something like that above my desk at work and admire it for hours. (Eh, beats working.)


  1. A friend of ours is supposedly very good friends with the girl who was the first sidekick in Monk. Anyways, he always tells us that Tony Shaluob is a great guy and one of the best people in show business.

    I just want to have dinner with Monk so I can order risotto and insist that I want spaghetti on the side.

  2. I've heard nothing but good about Shalhoub, too, so either he's really a good guy, or he's got a masterful PR agent.

    Re risotto & spaghetti: I really have to see all of The Big Night.


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