Sunday, January 11, 2009

After Dark Horror Fest 3: Second Day

Theme of the day? Impromptu dental work. Kids, don't try this at home.

The films are pretty restrained, on a number of levels. I notice they don't try the too graphic for theaters nonsense they did in the first year. Nothing I've seen compared to the level of graphic-ity as seen in mainstream fare like Hostel 2 or Marley and Me.

A few more people in seats today. We've stayed away from the prime shows, though, so not much crowding.

Weird getting-older phenomenon: On the first movie of the day, my eyes refused to adjust. My left eye in particular. Which is bad, because that's my "good" eye. Later I actually tripped over someone hanging out in the walkway leading to the theater. Didn't see him at all. Yeesh.

Every After Dark so far has had a hospital-themed movie: Unrest from the first one and Tooth and Nail from the second one. (Crazy Eights was an institution, not a hospital, or there'd have been two that year.) This year, so far, we have the zany Autopsy.

Oh, speaking of zany? Killing kids (kid kids, not teens) is neither shocking nor edgy, and if you just do it to make some sort of uber-nihilistic statement, skip it. We don't like it, and we don't like you for trying to get some special cachet for doing so.


  1. Children: the latest fodder for artsy fartsy "look at me" types.

  2. This is true. And it seems to have filtered down to the horror market.

    I dunno, I sort of feel like there's a difference between "bad seed"-type movies (which are also often highly upleasant) and just flat out shooting kids in the face, which we saw a lot of yesterday. (They cut away, at least, but, meh, it's a cheap shot, as it were.)


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