Friday, January 16, 2009

Treadmill Desk, Year 1, Week 2

Friday: 60 minutes
Monday: 30 minutes
Tuesday: 210 minutes

Feet hurt today. I think because I'm cranking up the speed. Gonna crank it back down and try for more time....

Wednesday: 270 minutes

I never mention how much I actually walk not on the treadmill. Anyway, I put the speed back down to .5 and I think that helped.

Thursday: 270 minutes

So...840 minutes....14 hours. (And about 4-5 hours of non-treadmill walking.) Not bad. It's not leg weakness that stops me anymore, it's just weird aches, pains and numbness. That stuff all seems to be subsiding, though.

I'm not going to push it. That's how I got into trouble in the first place.


  1. blake, would it be too annoying to ask why you are doing so much treadmill time? What your goals are? Are you training for something? I missed the beginning of this.

    Going to go search your posts to try to put it together now...

  2. I found where you explained this. Cool.

    Can you write in detail sometime about the physical benefits you've realized from this since you started?

  3. Let me see what I can put together....


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