Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bull (Moose?) Session

I'm crafting a response to Hector's latest salvo in our Atheist-In-Church series, but it's kind of gone off the rails; I think because we've touched on a number of things that have slowly diverged and so don't make a cohesive whole.

Hector says:
This reminds me off some of those college bull-sessions that would go on and on. Hard to tell if it's really deep, or if I'm just out of my depth. I don't know whether to thank you for the challenge, or curse you for making me think. Eenie-meenie-minie-moe … thanks for the challenge.

Funny thing, I never did the "bull session" thing in college. I did it in high-school and during my college years, but after Karate. My instructor (about 10-12 years older than I) used to say that our meandering conversations reminded him of "bull sessions", too.

Come to think of it, my dad and I used to talk that way, which is probably where I honed the craft. The advantage of doing it live, of course, is that your tangent generally leaves the main branch to rot. In writing, you've always got the main point there, waiting to be addressed.

His last point, about cursing versus thanking, well, depending on how the main thread is resolved, we could argue he doesn't have a choice. Even his selection of eenie-meenie was pre-determined.

(And thank you, Hector!)


  1. Oh no, not predestination! Or predeterminism, either. If we can't have some free will around here, I'm leaving. ;-)

  2. Just remember that there are no athesists in fun holes.

  3. That's Atheists.

    I can't spell when I am thinking about funholes. Sorry.

  4. Right, Trooper. Even an athesist when in a funhole is likely to holler "Oh, God!"

    And probably not worry about the speling, either.

  5. Fun holes?

    Is that where everyone ends up saying "Oh, God!"?

  6. That'll teach me not to refresh my page before answering....

  7. Don't you guys know where babies come from? It's the funhole prayer:

    Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, baby. Oh, baby.

    He answers prayers.

  8. And … it's Ruth Anne for the win! Redheads will getcha every time.


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