Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trooper York and the Golden Idol

Troop is doing his American Idol shtick again, which cracks me up even though I've never seen the show.

I feel a little empathy for Paula Abdul in that picture, though. I have to go back 30 years to find a picture I don't look completely drunk in. (And my experience with intoxicants is limited to caffeine and--on two occasions, I confess--ibuprofen.


  1. I loved Trooper's rundown on the AI show.

    Paula actually looks great.

    Your pic on your Twitter account is cute, blake.

  2. She's quite good looking, yes.

    I'm only vaguely aware of who she is.

    Yeah, it's a cute pic. I hope the kid I stole it from doesn't get pissed off....

  3. Hey guys you have to see how Althouse tweaked me. Not on twitter but on her blog. She goes "a little late Trooper York" after I posted on the second night stuff the next day.

    The nerve. What does she think I have nothing to do but spend all my time posting nonsense on the internet?


    Ok nevermind.

  4. I thought I got in a couple of paticularly good low blows in the second night stuff. It was fun.

  5. Hee hee. Yes, I did see that, Troop.

    I love the Idol stuff; keeps me from having to watch...

  6. I saw it too, Trooper. Good stuff!
    Can I say that you're better than Althouse at it? ;-)

    And too late, blake. I'm gullible, but I'm not buying that. Hee hee.


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