Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Old Are You?

How old are you?
Tell me what's your story?
How old are you?
Tell me when did you start?
Are you in it for the money or the glory?
Do you still have the brains, the guts and the heart?

When you were younger
You were so much better
When you were young
You were really hot
But now you're much older
And you're colder than ever
Why don't you hang it up?
Why don't you stop?

--Loudon Wainwright III



  1. I'm not telling! And I think you're teasing us again. :)

  2. Check my profile. It's the truth.

    Darcy-I think you should get outdoors more-all the color's gone out of your face. :D

  3. chickenlittle!! Butthead. :)

    I'm putting the Red Wings logo back up. Hee.

  4. Actually, I liked your "hottie" picture the best. :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Let me try that again. Thank you, cl. :)

  7. Hey just as long as you are old enough to know better.

    I live my life by the simple verse of Bob Seeger.

    I just wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

  8. Too late Darcy, I saw it before you deleted. :)

  9. Ha ha, chickenlittle...I can't get anything past you.

    And I see you have a snappy new avi, too. :)

  10. Same as CL, my age has always been on my profile. I am not mysterious.

  11. You are very straightforward, Freeman. That's cool.

    I'll add my age when blake adds his, just to be stubborn. And mysterious. More stubborn than mysterious. :)

    And chickenlittle now provides an e-mail addy!

  12. lol

    Darcy's comment just reminded me of that song, I wasn't really asking anyone.

    The song reflects a cynicism about the industry and a career that doesn't meet expectations.

    I'm not really mysterious either. I do love a game, though.

  13. I've always been afraid that a bot could steal my email address from my Blogger profile, so I only have it written out in the sidebar of my blog (freeman -dot- hunt -at- gmail -dot- com, like that).

    Is my fear unfounded or is the "mailto:" bot bait?

  14. The mailto: tag is totally bot-bait.

    I don't know if there are bots that go scanning for YourName@yourDomain.com but I would guess that there are since it would be trivial to do so and they don't really care how many bad addresses they get.

  15. I don't know if there are bots that go scanning for YourName@yourDomain.com

    I got myself a brand-new gmail address. Then I posted a comment at Making Light, where everybody's email is in the clear, in the source. Slammed by spam the very next day, and, of course, ever since. They don't quit. It's a good thing that gmail has powerful spam filters.

    My "Hector Owen" email, by contrast, draws very little spam. It's only posted in obfuscated form, and certainly not as a mailto:

    Blake wins, by not having an email address anywhere near this site.

  16. Oh, I went off-topic again. 61. But they say that "60 is the new 40." And they used to say "Life Begins at 40." So I guess I'll start having a life any minute now.

  17. I suppose I could put an e-mail address in here somewhere.

    But comments get e-mailed so, there y'are.


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