Thursday, January 8, 2009

Treadmill Desk, Year 1, Week 1

I figure to keep doing my weekly logs (that vanished over the holiday season). Last year would be "year zero". And by resetting yearly, I never have to count over 53....

I can't really do a "treadmill desk blog" because, well, there's nothing to say. Maybe I'll post pictures of my knotty calf muscles.

Friday: 180 minutes

Monday: 270 minutes

Tuesday: 100 minutes.

We had some duct work going on today so not much time on the treadmill. There's now a vent on the ceiling about five feet behind me that should come in handy in the summer.

Wednesday: 240 minutes.

Thursday: 270 minutes.

Total: 1,060 minutes or 17 2/3rds hours, which is the most I've done since the holidays. I did boost up the speed to .7 mph, though. I'm weraing shoes all the time now, at least until I feel like my feet have fully recovered.

Not bad. I guess the odds are against me keeping this up for another six months. Heh.


  1. Maybe I'll post pictures of my knotty calf muscles.

    Well, alright! :)

  2. You know I approve of the shoes. ha!

  3. Indeed, Meade.

    You could even proffer a hearty "I told you so" were you so inclined.

  4. Not at all inclined, my friend. I am, however, continually impressed by your efforts, style and intelligence. Thanks, as always, for sharing them.


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