Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bill Schulz is an Idiot

No, really. He was better before he came out of the closet as a liberal. The fun of "Red Eye" is that you don't get the usual parroting of The Consensus. The show took a bad turn before the election when virtually everyone except Greg joined on the bash Palin bandwagon.

In fairness, the show takes a bad turn almost whenever someone tries to score a political point, whatever side. Rachel Marsden was sheer agony most of the time when she was on, turning everything into a political point against the left. (Coulter usually does a better job.)

Anyway Schulz was actually talking about the evils of carbon dioxide and when Greg tried to correct him, he allowed that CO2 was fine except when you burn it. This is how shallow and stupid the global warming debate really is. There's no way to sanely argue against CO2, but I don't doubt that the AGW crowd conflates carbon monoxide with carbon dioxide.

Jeez. Remi Spencer just said people shouldn't be allowed to anonymously criticize celebs on the 'net. She was another doof who parroted the conventional wisdom on Governor Palin.

Great bit on the lobster, though, and "sea kittens".


  1. Agree. And with this especially: the show takes a bad turn almost whenever someone tries to score a political point, whatever side

    Incidentally Clayton Morris used to be on a morning show I would watch occasionally. I remember him being a pretty big lefty. He has toned it WAY down for his Fox gig.

  2. Re Clayton Morris: Peer pressure works.

  3. I hate it when people are mean to those nice celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker.

  4. Uh oh.

    They do a lot of celebrity bashing which is really only interesting because it comes from a different angle: That is, they particularly attack them for things they get approval from from the rest of the media.

  5. I LOVE Bill Schultz. He's probably the main reason I watch the show.

  6. Well, there you have it: 2.5 years later, someone sticks up for Bill.

    Who still aggressively repeats dumb leftist talking points.

  7. Bill Shultz is hilarious.


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