Thursday, January 8, 2009

You Make Me "Glad"

I was doing my Judy Garland impression over at Troop's--I'd been thinking of her tribute to Clark Gable as a 16-year-old neophyte at MGM anyway:

You made me love you
I didn't want to do it
I didn't want to do it
You made me love you
And all the time you knew it
I guess you always knew it

You made me happy sometimes
You made me glad

You made me "glad". Now, this could just be a set-up for "But there were times, sir/When you made me feel so sad." But it seems like I've seen this word come up before in songs of the era in a context like this that made me wonder if there weren't some connotations to "glad".

I'm not sure how you'd know. But Garland sounds suspiciously coy to me here.


  1. At Christmas we were looking at free movies on demand to find some family fare and they had a bunch of MGM shorts from the holidays. One of the best was Judy singing on the set of Meet Me in St. Louis.

    The one with Mickey Rooney and the cast of the Hardy family was great camp too.

    But the best had to be the Jackie Coogan holiday bash with a bunch of kids on a sound stage in 1941 being served by MGM stars. The weirdest was a young Bette Davis who was all made up sexy and inappropriate with the young boys. It's hilarious.

  2. You never guess who Bette Davis reminded me of so much in this clip.

  3. Don't mention any names.

    We can just let it lie there like a dead fish.

    Or Mariah Carey.

    The Smell remains the same.

  4. Seriously? Shoot, I'm sorry I missed it. I check out TCM On Demand all the time, too.


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