Friday, January 30, 2009

All Quiet on the Western Front

Got a metric tonne of shite to do so I may be quiet this weekend.

I'll probably go see Frost/Nixon and feel dirty about it.

My mom used to be a serious Frank Langella fanatic. I'm not kidding. She saw Sphinx--in a movie theater!--every day for a month, I think it was. She could recite dialog.

It was because of her that I saw, on opening day, Masters of the Universe in the Cinerama Dome! And the only other guy there, besides us, was James Noble, who played Governor Gatling on "Benson".

The following year, she actually met him on the set of "Dr. Paradise", a TV pilot that never got picked up. I think that was the end of her interest in him. Langella is a phenomenal actor, and absolutely fills a room like only a polished stage performer can, but when he's off, he's a mousy little guy and kind of effeminate.

Like all actors.

Except John Wayne.

And Rock Hudson.


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