Thursday, January 22, 2009

Almost Right

Via Instapundit comes this interesting quote from Samizdata:

In the mind of the anti-free-marketeer, the government occupies the same kind of intellectual territory as the divine designer in the mind of an anti-Darwinian.

That's almost right. It would be perfect if God attributed with all these wondrous abilities were actually out there stopping evolution.


  1. Government as Mommy or Daddy is bad enough, but government as God is a sobering thought.

  2. But it's true of statists at all levels, not just in terms of markets.

    There are a substantial number of people who hate CEOs because you can't trust them with all that power--so you have to give all that power to a government employee.

  3. Something that's always puzzled me though, is why do those same people, who want to give the government so much power, hate cops? (which I perceive as different from hating the military)

  4. I know! It's hilarious!

    They also hate The Man.

    Well, who else is The Man but the freakin' gov't?


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