Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Modest Proposal. (No, really.)

So, the right wingers are having fun with the latest news of porn-dudes Flynt and Francis claiming to be preparing to go to Congress to ask for a bailout.

But what strikes me is, well, this is all taxpayer (i.e., your and my) money, so why not go to some pure democracy here? That is, why not have every industry that wants a bailout set up a fund, and have the people who want to bail out that industry chip in to save it?

There are 200 million households in America, approximately. $100 from each of us is $20B, which is about what we gave the auto industry. Though, you know, nobody asked if we wanted to. And it'll cost a lot more once you figure in the interest.

AIG got $400 from each of us, I think. Obama's stimulus plan will cost us probably $5K-$10K a year, every year, for the rest of our lives. And then our children's lives.

This is pretty immoral. Our ancestors sacrificed mightily to create this great nation for us and our contribution to it will be to force our descendents to sacrifice for us as well.

The only addendum I'd make to my original tax plan is to add: No deficit spending. (At least, no long term deficit spending.) But that's not so much about taxes and more about budgeting.


  1. We could get Jerry Lewis to host the show!

  2. I think porn is recession proof. Although so much of it is free on the internet that a lot of these guys will be going out of buiness soon.

  3. Americathon!

    Porn is recession-proof.

    Getting paid for making it is not.


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