Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beating A Dead Hobby Horse

I was looking at some articles from a guy I found through my old pal Esther on Twitter.

He's got one labeled "Why Linux will crush Windows 7". First thing that amused me was in the comments, the same old Microsoft astroturfers hawking lies about Linux and how great the next version of Microsoft's bloated old OS. (It's always the next version that's going to be the good one.)

But what was really funny were the latest comments (here). That's right: An op-ed on Operating Systems has turned into a flame war on Proposition 8 and homosexuality.

Only on the tubes, folks.


  1. Nothing gets people's blood up like those OS threads. Wherever it goes, it's gonna get ugly.

  2. I am looking for your Dark Knight review, I just watched it last night. I can't find it by googling?

  3. I actually reviewed it twice.

    The Blogger search function (sorta ironically) sucks. I usually use Google too...let's see:

    The Dark Knight Consterns


    The Dark Knight Returned.

    In the latter I see I refer to "Superman 3" at one point when I meant "Spiderman 3". Heh.

  4. thanks. I always seem to have a lot of trouble finding blog content by googling. I can never find old Althouse threads like others seem to do all the time.

  5. I'm going to look at better ways to arrange the posts than blogger offers. (If I can figure out how to download them all.)

    I think this is a situation where a word cloud would actually be useful.


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