Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not Necessarily The News, Vol 2

Gay Romance Film A Winner At Sundance


  1. Got a link or a title? or is this post just an exercise in generic unsurprising headline writing?

    "Dog bites man on 4th Street"
    "Trash will be collected on schedule"
    "Brittney Spears photographed in embarassing incident"
    "City council mulls cop pensions"
    "Fines for uncleared sidewalks"

    If I felt really enterprising, I'd link to Taranto's page, where we find, today:

    "Mazda Has No Plans for Electric Vehicles"
    "Inauguration Cell Traffic Doesn't Cripple Networks"
    "Joe Biden Sworn In as 47th Vice President"

    and a real shocker,

    "Surveyed Scientists Agree Global Warming Is Real"

    And who cares about unsurveyed scientists. They're lucky if their wives and kids care about them.

  2. Oh, drat, was that sexist? "lucky if their spouses and kids care about them." There, that's better.

  3. Meh. Scientists are mostly men.

    I put in a link for you. It's from "Studio Briefing".

    It is dog-bites-man, of course.

  4. Thanks! No idea about the movie, but the title makes me remember Johnny Roventini, who always was trying to locate Philip Morris. They used to sell those in a rather nifty can, with a spring-clip top. I should have saved a few, apparently they are worth something now.

  5. Hey I hate surveys. That's why when they say four out of five dentists say eating candy leads to tooth decay I spend all of my free time looking for that fourth guy.


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