Monday, February 16, 2009

The Big Top(s)

I was looking at clown pictures this weekend as decorations for The Barbarienne's party. She loves clowns, apparently. But there is such a thing as "coulrophobia", which is an abnormal fear of clowns, and if you search for clown images on the web, you might come away thinking coulrophobia is common.

But it's not. Most fear of clowns is perfectly natural and understandable.

Pictures of Pennywise, Killer Klowns, and so on, are not, however, appropriate for a three-year-old's party. Anyway, as I sought pix of clowns, I came across a convergence of degenerate clown-ness combined with pointy breasts.

What's a blogger to do?

So for you, dear readers, I've placed this picture "below the fold", as they say, so that you needn't be offended (or fired, if you're at work) for visiting here.

UPDATE: I've now removed the "below the fold" link. It's not really a very scandalous picture, and the change I made caused ALL my links to have a "continue reading" item instead of just the ones I wanted. So. Deal.

By the way, ten people subscribe to The Bit Maelstrom through Google Reader! How cool is that?


OK, I admit, this is really anti-climactic, but it seemed so much more scandalous when I was making decorations for the Barb's party.


  1. Jeeez you mean my policy of having the ha-ha's right out front is wrong.

  2. And I was all set to post a photo of Stella Stevens that would make your head explode.

    (Not the one of you in the bathtub)

  3. I'm just trying to be considerate for the at-work crowd.

    I can't imagine your site is safe for work under any circumstances, heh.

  4. anti-climactic, perhaps, but still creepy.

  5. Yeah, that clown is creepy. Still, he's got the babes!

    Pennywise ruined my nephew for clowns...of course, he walked out of his bedroom just in time to see him in the storm drain. "That's a bad clown, Mama!"

  6. Congrats on the subscribers! And those are pretty pointy, btw. Good call. He he.

  7. Amusing footnote: When the updates to this thread get send to my Gmail account, the Google ads helpfully offer clown services and "The Ultimate Clown DVD".

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  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. ...speaking of which, how long til Althouse shows up here? I've been trying to stay away, I got so burned out with it. Then I go to trooper's site... and doyle's there, dammit. Maybe the internet's trying to tell me something.

  11. trying again... (that's what I get for having more than one blogger user thingy.) I have had bizarro Amazon ads pop up on the sidebar at Althouse and I always wonder "I hope that's not directed at me, because I am NOT interested in THAT." Are those things targeted as well?

    read this comment before the last one and it will make sense. sheesh.

  12. Knox--

    The "target" part is--from what I can observe--that Google scans your e-mail for keywords, then puts up ads about that keyword. So if the topic is menopause, you'll see ads for it, even if you're a guy and you were involved in a Yankees vs. Mets debate.

  13. No, I don't expect to see Althouse here: Troop is more of a provocateur. If I riff off of Althouse it's probably tangential and not directed at her personally. Plus I'm more likely to exchange tweets with Althouse, if she feels the need to interact.

    (Also, I imagine she would have to strictly limit how much blog reading and commenting she could do, with her own site requiring considerable maintenance.)

  14. But she featured you and linked to you before me. I just busted her balls enough to get her to link.

    Plus if you had more pointy breast posts you would get the traffic up. Just Sayn'

  15. Oh and having Doyle show up kind of freaked me out a little. I don't think he brings anything to the party other than bile and political crapola. That doesn't stop me from mocking him though, so there it is.

  16. True, but I had a blog first.

    Clearly, since months have passed since my last "pointy breast" post, yet I am--not joking here--#1 on Google for one of the variations on "pointy breasts", and on the first page of a bunch of them, this is a powerful SEO tool. (I'll have to try it at work!)

    As for Doyle, it'd be interesting if he could bring something non-political and non-bile.

  17. I was so hoping that you would be able to figure out a way to do that "below the fold" trick with Blogger that did not result in every post having the "read more," whether there was more, or not. Because I couldn't figure that out, but I want it. Well then, I guess I'm not a complete waste product.

    NEXT: the use of time travel to accomplish something similar.

  18. I'm sure it can be done without being so intrusive; just a matter of editing the HTML directly per message rather than making it part of the CSS.

    I'm just not motivated yet to work it out.


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