Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OK, Back To The Serious Fun....

Well, with all the attention on Alex Lotorto and his band of merry Mac-wielding, terrorist-lovin' protestors, we've gotten away from what's really important on this blog: movies and pointy breasts.

Nah, unfortunately, we still got the Oscars clog. We might go see The Class (which lost for Best Foreign Language Picture) or the Joaquin Phoenix flick Two Lovers. I can't quite gin up the mojo to spend any bucks on a Friday the 13th flick. I do see that they remade(ish) the second film rather than the first, which was smart. It opened big and then dropped a whopping 80% in the next weekend.

I do need to move on to reviewing the rest of the series, tho'. After that, I'll probably fisk Wall-E. And maybe the Harry Potter series.

Also the fourth (and possibly final) Futurama "movie" arrived and that needs a looking at.

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