Thursday, February 12, 2009

Possible Upload Area for Next Nanowrimo

One of the problems I had with Nanowrimo (apart from sucking, which can't be blamed on anyone, not even the Romans) was where to put the text that I had written. I used Google docs to compose, but then trying to move the Google Docs documents into Google Blogger was a mess.

Ponder among yourselves whether that's ironic, coincidental or just lame.

So I was looking at this Google Docs competitor called TextFlow, which looked pretty good--I'm always looking for ways to give businesses better alternatives to buying a lot of expensive hardware and software--and found Scribd.

I think I've stumbled across it before, but I also think it's somewhat more interesting than it used to be. Worth a browse, anyway, and my crap would feel right at home with all the other crap that's up there.


  1. I must admit that of all the many posts I have read on this blog, this is the first one where I can honestly say I have no idea of what the hell you are talking about.

  2. I think you were busy when I was writing: I had stuff ready to go and when I tried to post it online, the format went screwy. Looked like crap.

    I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't assault people's eyeballs if you want them to read your stuff.

  3. Trooper, I didn't know what this was either, but this page explains it pretty clearly:

    What is NaNoWriMo?

  4. Wow, this is in November. Sounds fun.

    I might do the related ScriptFrenzy which starts in April. Always thought it would be fun to write a stage play.

  5. Nah, Troop suggested the topic of my last nanowrimo attempt, though perhaps he's forgotten the name.

    ScriptFrenzy in April? A whole month to write a script? I think it would take me a week.

  6. Yeah, the script one is certainly easier. Only 100 pages. Of script. All that white space.

    But both sound fun. Just wish November wasn't so far away.

  7. Well, my goal for November is to not suck, or at least to suck less.

    I can do the volume, but I can't do it if I hate what I'm writing.

    So I'm going to try some things and see how they work out.


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