Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was off doing diabetic things today. The doctor we're working with seems pretty optimistic that we can improve The Boy's situation, which is good because he's currently suffering a head cold and he needed some good news.

Since we were near his favorite restaurant, we went out to eat and then on the way home caught the only showing of Waltzing With Bashir which I'll put up a review of shortly. (I liked it, but I thought it was kind of feckless, in that way modern Western cultures seem to be these days.)

I'm up particularly late as the we also got the dog fixed, and he's not doing too well. They had to dig around for an hour (!) to locate an undescended testicle. (I hate "fixing" animals in general, but it is the kind thing to do if you're not going to let them reproduce.)

Freeman Hunt (whose tag I seem to have misspelled) put up a great bit on the "stimulus" bill that I wanted to comment on, and she also submitted my essay on homeschooling and subversion to the homeschooling carnival, which pointed to it. I try not to overdo on that stuff, but perhaps I've been too restrained, so more on that front as well.

Night all!


  1. whose tag I seem to have misspelled

    Ha. That's okay. Last night I typo-ed "weight" as "wait." Egregious! And now it's too late to fix it.

  2. Yes, I saw that and feel yore pane.

    Interesting that homophonic substitutions are so common. I think the worst is when you know the difference between there, they're and their, but you do one of those switches.

  3. Off "doing diabetic things". It sounds like your son is diabetic? Type I?

    You have my sympathy for sure. I hate the constant blood sugar testing and insulin injections myself.

  4. The doctors think he's Type 1, but the tests don't support that, and neither does his history. But he persented rather dramatically like a Type 1.

    He's been doing his own testing from the beginning and his injecting for the past couple of years. We're hoping to cut that down.


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