Thursday, February 26, 2009

Treadmill Desk, Week 8

Friday: 190 minutes

I suspect we'll have a big week. The water is helping.

Monday: 300 minutes

Got a warning to lubricate the belt. Apparently, you're supposed to do that every 180 hours. But I'm already up to 540 and this is the first time the warning came up. Called Sole and they said if it wasn't making any noise (it's not) there should be no problem. Probably the fact that I've used it at very low speeds helps. They've sent out the lube that should've been in the original packaging.

Tuesday: 210 minutes

Another trip to the doc for The Boy, but she seemed pleased with his progress. We're not scheduled again for two weeks.

Wednesday: 150 minutes

Well, maybe not such a big week after all.

Thursday: 390 minutes

Not quite 21 hours. I was a bit derailed by The Boy's illness. Fortunately, he's mostly through it now.

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