Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Up Till Now, Everything Was Okay

It is a characteristic of men that they are stoic. Not to say that all men are stoic, and certainly I know some who play up minor illnesses and injuries in a bid to win sympathy from their significant others. But stoicism is a manly feature. To the point of stupidity, even: Men will let health conditions go too long, until they're untreatable.

Up till recently, I'd not thought of myself as particularly stoic. I'd noticed a few things and I attributed them to getting older. Unlike, say, Instapundit, I'm not particularly concerned about death, but I've always--especially when younger--wondered which features normally attributed to senescence were not due to some other factors.

In my case, apparently, a lot. But until I started drinking the water, I didn't know how many.

I mentioned stiffness and morning vision blurriness, but in a week I've noticed that the occasional tinnitus, digestive issues, farsightedness, fatigue and a few other things I just assumed were me "getting older" have rolled back.

As I said, stoic to a fault: It's one thing to endure and another to be so accepting you never try to improve things.

We've started to add in some juiced leafy greens, which isn't as bad as it sounds.

The Boy's blood sugar has been coming down but it's still not quite under control. He's had to undergo some dietary changes, and I think he's somewhat depressed about that, though he is being a good sport. A big change is that he's waking up faster: Most of my kids have a "need that first cup of coffee" kind of wake-up cycle, The Boy especially so. The doc attributed that to low morning blood sugars. The water's made a big difference there.

I'll keep posting on it, as the story progresses.


  1. Please do keep writing about this. It's very interesting. I'm so glad you are feeling better yourself!

    Of particular interest was the tinnitis relief. I have tinnitus, and already drink a lot of water. I didn't know there was a connection, but I do notice that it gets worse if I have too much salt.

  2. I will! I forgot to mention a few other things, like sleep apnea and--oh, shoot, there was another one that I keep forgetting even though it's pretty big.

    It'll come to me.

    But geez, I guess I was a mess. Heh.

  3. Sheesh, I need to go out and buy some distilled water...

  4. Oh, yeah, tooth pain!

    That was a weird one, too: A tooth on the right side of my mouth hurt (a lot!) when I bit with it. But there's no cavity or any other sign of damage. (I think it's related to my wisdom teeth.)

    But the reason this has worked so well for me is that my body salts were too high to begin with. It isn't necessarily the case--well, as I say, "Your mileage may vary."


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