Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Joys of being Seven

"Can I pour the water?"
"Sure...Can you...okay, I'll get it, you hold the bottle."
[Water comes out. Laughter. Bottle fills."
"That was awesome!"

We have the 2.5 gallons of water with the spigot at the bottom. Gravity--always a reliable source of entertainment--does the rest.

The Flower had another basketball game today and was her usual presence on the court, though I did notice that the other team was particularly huge today. She's at the bottom edge of the age for the league and there are guys who must weigh half-again or more what she weighs.

Doesn't stop her from snatching the ball, mind you. This may have something to do with playing with The Boy who is a foot or two bigger and more than twice as heavy. He does not treat her gently, either. (Oh, he holds back, but he's at that stage where he doesn't know his own strength.)

On The Flower's team is a kid who is playing up a league. He's younger than The Flower--and shorter and lighter, and not a super-gifted natural athlete, but he plays up a league by his own choice. He's also completely unintimidated by the much bigger players and relentlessly enthusiastic.

Sometimes you can see at an early age who is most likely to succeed and why.

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