Monday, February 16, 2009

Overheard at the Basketball Game

"Don't let that little girl stop you!"
--Opposing Coach confronted with The Wall of Flowers

Eventually, they're gonna learn to pass. Until then, nothing gets by The Wall!

Not to gush or anything, but she's a head shorter and thin as a rail, but when the other team sees her waiting for them to get to the other side of the court (they don't do full court presses in her league), they run the ball out of bounds or fumble. It's really cute.


  1. This is just so cute! I wish you could post video (you know...taken from far enough away that it's not a concern).

    I love watching kids play sports!

  2. It pretty much describes me when I played basketball in grade school. I was small, but really great at defense, and my coach always put me on the best player. Then, somehow, in 7th grade... everyone grew but me. That was the sad end of my basketball days.

  3. I probably could post a video. I'll have to give it a try.

    Knox--we have a player who's younger and shorter than everyone else. He likes to play up rather than play down, which will serve him well in life.

    He's not great, but if the ball gets to knee level--which happens quite a bit--it's his.

  4. Ok but now we have to work on her rebounding. I want her to practice stepping on the other players foot while she is boxing them out and pulling on their shorts if they try and back her in on D.

    Oh and how to throw an elbow to the chest when the other players body blocks out the ref's vision.

  5. Troop--

    That'd be rude. She won't box out with her butt, 'cause it'd be rude. Stepping on a foot? Heh.


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