Sunday, February 22, 2009

Skin and Bones

I don't want to get in the middle of the fat-battle between Trooper York and Freeman Hunt, but my attention was directed to this Sports Illustrated "models taking their own pictures" post.

Some of these women strike me as too thin, where "too thin" is a purely aesthetic consideration. My friend (mentioned in the Stacked Decks post linked above) was very thin, too, and used to fret putting on five pounds here and there. But, in person, she didn't look too skinny in person, usually. Meanwhile she had some other friends from back in the day who were the opposite type (shorter and curvier), who were clearly on the higher end of the BMI scale. They also looked fine in person.

I know "the camera adds ten pounds" but it also can subtract ten at certain angles. (There are angles on Chris Reeves in the Superman movies where he looks positively skinny, e.g.)

I've been thinking about weight lately because I haven't lost any. (I lost about ten pounds last year just due to changes in lifestyle, but none since I started doing the treadmill.) I suspect if I keep drinking water I'll lose weight, though. It seems to change your sense of taste and fullness.

Should be interesting.


  1. I suspect if I keep drinking water I'll lose weight, though. It seems to change your sense of taste and fullness.

    Nearly a certainty. In fact, I know more than one person who did nothing but commit to drinking a large amount (say about a gallon) of water a day and ended up losing quite a bit of weight. (One guy ended up losing like 60 pounds or so as I recall.) I think you're right that it changes your taste and sense of fullness.

    Guess I'd better get on the water soon. Post pregnancy weight loss time approaches.

  2. Did Mr. Hunt put on any pregnancy weight? That always cracks me up.

  3. none since I started doing the treadmill.

    Really?? That's shocking. I would have thought being mobile throughout the day, every day, would result in tremendous weight loss. They're always saying, just "fidgeting" or doing housework burns a lot of calories.

  4. Did Mr. Hunt put on any pregnancy weight?

    I hope not. "Mr. Hunt" is what I call my father-in-law. That would be weird. :)

  5. Knox,

    Yeah, I guess it's a little weird. But I've had body changes: I'm getting more definition in my legs, so that suggests a shift from fat to muscle.

    I lost about ten pounds before I started, but I can't remember how or why. I just decided to lose ten pounds.


    Hey, don't underestimate guys' ability to make excuses for putting on the pounds....

  6. I just decided to lose ten pounds.

    Uh-oh... remember, that's the sort of statement that got Jennifer Aniston in a world o' trouble.

  7. It did?

    Well, for what it's worth, I weigh a bit more than Ms. Aniston, and ten pounds is barely noticeable.

  8. Oops, not Jen Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow. Got my blondes mixed up.

  9. Oh...right!

    Actually, Aniston is one of those women whose weight seems to go to the right places. Paltrow looks like her chin would recede rapidly.


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