Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Way Or The Highway

Well, I went to order Jerry West's Basketball My Way on Troop's say-so the other day and ended up with Basketball My Way by Nancy Lieberman. Somehow I got mixed up on the order.

Oh, well. She's from Brooklyn so she's probably okay, right, Troop?


  1. Sure, and she is the best woman's basketball player ever so it might be ok for the Flower. But Jerry's book is more about the fundmentals that are never taught anymore so it might still be good, especially since you can get a used copy really cheap.

  2. Some of those used copies of Jerry's book go for serious cash. (Signed, maybe?)

    My folks knew all about him.

    I knew about Wilt The Stilt. Did my second grade report on him. Got turned in for handing in pornography. Nobody appreciates thorough research.

  3. I did order the right book, though, after realizing what I had done.


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