Thursday, February 19, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere.

Day two of drinking copious amounts of distilled water and feeling really, really good. Almost suspiciously good.

Assorted fleeting aches and pains but oddly alert and energetic.

While I seldom get sick these days, and feel myself to be in pretty good health, there are little things here and there which I sort of associated with getting old. Like a certain degree of stiffness and my vision being a little bit blurry in the morning.

I imagine it can't last forever, but so far so good.


  1. How much distilled water? Or can you say? Just curious.

  2. It's based on weight, so I'm doing close to a gallon(!); the doctor is concerned about the effects on The Boy so he's doing a whole lot less.

    I'm actually looking at buying a distiller. Could come in handy next earthquake.

  3. I took a road trip with a guy who was doing that eight glasses of water a day thing, a few years ago. Big advantage of this, I never had to ask for a rest stop.

    Is distillation that important? Or would an under-the-sink filter or a Brita pitcher give you a something good enough?

  4. Gotta be steam-distilled and charcoal filtered, from my experience. Drinking a lot of water is not new to me; drinking distilled water at regular intervals is.

    I may actually be making fewer rest stops, weirdly enough. It's not much more, if at all.


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