Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dead Cowboys

One of the wonders of the K-TEL years was that I heard about two lines from every song ever made, the entirety of which would be delivered to me in 2, 3, or 4 record collection filled with other songs I also knew two lines of (from the same commercial), sung by musical groups I often hadn't heard of.

One of those albums was a Statler Bros. collection, and they were singing about the movies and how neurotic and sexualized they had become. Not knowing anything else, it seemed sort of quaint a notion. Heck, I used to walk or drive by a porn theater daily as a youngster--itself a quaint notion these days.

Anyway, someone put that song "Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott?" along with a Sons of the Pioneers (?) song "Cool Water" to a bunch of photos of dead actor-cowboys. (At this point, long dead, many before I was born.)

Maybe some of y'all will enjoy that.


  1. Ah, yes the K-tel years. My brain is imprinted with "Boxcar Willie" and "Slim Whitman" songs thanks to those commercials.

  2. And Credence.

    I shouldn't complain, though: I wouldn't know any of the songs of the '80s if not for those commercials.

  3. Blake! How are you?

    I saw Roger Daltry pitching a 'greatest of' set in an infomercial, and he looked right at the camera at one point and said, "I'd call that a bargain...the best I ever had!"

    If Keith Moon were still here, he'd have clubbed and eaten him no doubt!

    Film person, yes?
    Have you seen this cool site?

  4. Hi, Ron!

    You know you're on my list, right?

    That Greenbriar site looks cool; I'll have to give it a serious look after hours.

    That Daltry thing is a little weird. An infomercial? For what?

  5. The infomercial was for a K-Tel like oldies collection! With the Who in it!

  6. Hahaahahah! No way! Seriously? That's awesome! Moon would've force-fed Roger some 8-tracks!


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