Monday, February 16, 2009

You Love The '80s, Apparently!

Although pointy breasts remain a strong influence on my traffic--and how sad is that, given that I haven't pointed to a breast in months?--there's a lot of love for the Friday The 13th Part 2 review and my "Betsy Russell Gets A Cramp" post.

Apparently, a lot of people can't figure out what the hell happened to Paul at the end of F13-2. Sorry, guys: Nothing. He just vanishes. They only wanted one survivor, I guess, and, I dunno, ran out of film or something.

As for the latter reference, well, I'd guess a lot of guys from the '80s know that movie and remember that scene. (Even if it would make Freeman Hunt laugh derisively.)

I actually do have a pointy breast picture worth posting, but I think I want to put it "below the fold" as they say, lest anyone be offended. (I can't imagine who would be, it's so silly, but I think it's rude to pop up with a questionable image. Most people seem to read this blog at work.)


  1. Ok, so where is the pointy breast pic? Did I miss it? :)

  2. I haven't posted it yet. I have to figure out how to put it "below the fold". I know it's doable but it's not obvious so a little research is required.

  3. I think you just have to go for it. I know a lot of my posts aren't really safe for work but everyone seems to get it just the same.

  4. Except for the Simon Cowell pointy breast photo. I did get a lot of guff on that one.


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