Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Drug Tests Are Bad, mm-kay?

One of those "things that make you go 'hmm'" from Perri Nelson's dad here.

In all my years, the only time I was asked to take a drug test was when I worked at Beckman Labs. I was consulting there, and it was a short job so I put it off until the job was over.

'cause, you know, I've got so many horse tranquilizers in my blood, it's amazing I don't whinny.

No, seriously, I'm offended by drug tests. Why? Because I've never taken drugs; I'm offended at the insinuation. Why should I have to pee into a cup because everyone else "experimented" in their youth and some of them continue conducting advanced studies?

Childish, I know. But I'm anti-drug. (Even stupidly so, arguably.) I've had some novocaine--though for a long time I had a dentist who would fill cavities without it, if she thought it could be done quickly. I've taken ibuprofen twice, in order to fulfill a parental obligation.

I do get some caffeine because I drink soda. But it doesn't take much to turn me jumpy and paranoid. Er, it doesn't take much caffeine. A "large" soda will do it, so I've cut down on those.

Anyway, a requirement like this--visited upon the working every day--would never, ever be visited upon the non-working. Interesting, no?


  1. Yes, they're bad. I'm not entirely sure that was the point though. I've worked in several jobs where they were required. I didn't like it either.

    Still, the notion that people who actually work and are on the productive side of the taxpayer/welfare recipient relationship have to be tested while those benefiting from their forced largess still irks me.

  2. Oh, of course not, I went off more on my own tangent, figuring people would read your post first.

    It seems absurd, of course, that there should be requirements to create wealth that don't exist for draining wealth, but of course, if you're on the drain side for very long, you're probably wallowing in irresponsibility.

    Besides, welfare is an entitlement, and work is a responsibility. You can't deny people an entitlement and of course you put requirements on responsibility. (Is that double-speak-y enough for you?)

  3. I didn't get a job once because one of the forms asked if I used drugs. I simply wrote: "If I did, would I answer 'yes' ??"

    What's sad, is that the idea of making welfare recipients pass drug tests sounds just great to me. Yet it is instinctively so far out of the realm of possibility, it would never even have occurred to me. That's how successful "the culture of victimhood" has been.

  4. I think it goes along with the whole "reset" button concept: People can't imagine--they can't fathom how life would be possible without all these tons of government bureaucracies!

    The left has been very good at inculcating the notion that life was simply barbaric before government intruded into every area of our lives.


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